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MQ Series MQ300

Designing and developing MQSeries Applications

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Description: Deeper understanding of MQSeries, its relation to different products and MQSeries technologies as well as their integration for the development of complete solutions
Audience: Experienced programmers who wish to gain the knowledge of designing industrial applications using MQI (Message Queue Interface) of MQSeries
  • Understanding of the concepts of Messaging and Queuing of MQSeries (Seminar MQ100)
  • Knowledge of the programming principles of MQSeries (Seminar MQ200)
  • Experience in programming industrial applications
Material covered:
  • Designing applications according to requirements
  • Comparison of the different MQSeries products
  • Interfaces to products and technologies
  • Integration of the above for developing complete solutions
Duration: The duration of this seminar is 2 Days from 9:30 to 14:30