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Our 15+ long experience with most commercial RDBMSs (DB2, ORACLE, Sybase, SQL Server) can be an asset to all junior and many senior DBAs. Our professional advise covers the full spectrum of DBA related tasks. From Installation/Set-up of the RDBMS S/W and Initial Database configuration to maximizing data protection/security, performance fine tuning and finally troubleshooting any problems and/or abnormal behavior. Again we are proud to have been responsible for the Database Administration of the ATHENS 2004 OLYMPICS.

Some of the procedures our DB2 customer base require our expertise and advise on, are:


  • Database space utilization
  • Database diagnostics checks for Severe errors/errors
  • Database monitoring for performance degradation due to unoptimizes queries/locking/database configuration etc
  • Advise in indexes required, or other performance enhancing database structures (MQTs, MDCs etc)
  • Other Housekeeping procedures such as Database Statistics gathering,Database Reorganization etc
  • Careful design and planning of the backup policy.Creation/tests of Recovery scenarios
  • Troubleshooting problems and abnormal behavior. Finding Workaround solutions and/or suggestion of proper fixes
  • Impact Analysis in case of Migration to newer releases/versions