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Our senior database consultants provide design methodologies, than can give a boost to companies/organizations lacking expertise, into Logical and Physical Database Design.

Apart from classic relational design theory and methods that include E-R Tools/Diagrams, Normalisation Forms etc. our consultants provide their valuable 20+ year long Experience.Thus,techniques that are not based in strict theoretical forms can be explained and applied faster and safer. Such an example is Denormalisation. Empasis is also given into selecting the proper physical database structures (Field datatypes/Tables/Materialized Tables/Indexes) in order to achieve performance and functionality.

Our experience with both OLTP oriented database applications and Data Warehouses/OLAP Databases gave us valuable insight as “A database design is strongly linked to its application orientation”. This lesson is essential into steering design to the right direction from the very beginning. Modern Business Intelligence requirements (Data Warehouses/OLAP Databases) require special skills, our consultants own. The respective section elaborates this issue.