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In the rapidly developing world of competitive markets, Business Intelligence(B.I.) is also developing at an astronomical rate. Companies/Organizations are incorporating Data Warehouse and OLAP technology eagerly. B.I. Gives them the opportunity to fully understand customer needs/products/competition/emerging markets and anticipate the future. This is key to providing them competitive edge.

Time is essential when adapting new technologies and the required learning curve is not to be overlooked. DataBlue can provide specialized services in training, consulting and development.Our 15 year long experience in the B.I. includes companies/organizations from a diverse number of industries such as manufacturing, banking, insurance, tel-com and goverment services.

We specialize in the following S/W companies and technological areas:

  • IBM, Hyperion/ORACLE and Microsoft Technologies
  • Data Warehouse Analysis & Design
  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Methods and Tools for Data Warehouse Population (Full Refresh, Change Propagation, Trickle-Feed, Asynchronous vs. Synchronous, Periodical vs. Event-based etc.)
  • OLAP Database Design & Implementation
  • OLAP Desktop Tools (Slice & Dice, Drill-Down / Up / Everywhere, Pivot, Hierarchies, Dimensions, Facts, Star / Snowflake Schema, Hyper-Cube, Drill-Through etc.)
  • OLAP Server Technology (Multidimensional / Relational OLAP/ Hybrid OLAP)