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Description: In this workshop, complete extensive hands-on lab exercises of all of these features. Additionally, learn the position of WebSphere ESB within the IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Foundation, and address the applicable SOA Patterns for e-business
Audience: This is a basic workshop for integration developers who want hands-on experience of the features of WebSphere ESB and for architects wanting to understand how this product fits within the IBM SOA strategy
  • You should have basic understanding of Web services and SOA. Some experience with the Rational Software Development Platform (such as WebSphere Integration Developer) is helpful
Material covered:
  • Explain the architecture and features of WebSphere ESB
  • Position WebSphere ESB within the SOA Foundation and the Patterns for e-business
  • Discuss the use and configuration of WebSphere Integration Developer as a development environment for building ESB solutions
  • Develop samples to show Web Services connectivity and service oriented integration
  • Explore routing messages between different service providers
  • Transform transport protocols and message formats between service consumers and service providers
  • Investigate the usage of the pre-built mediation functions including Extensible Markup Language (XML) transformation, message logging, message routing, and database lookup
  • Develop samples to extend the integration logic processing in the ESB by programming custom mediations
  • Use adapters to connect to enterprise information systems
  • Deploy the samples to WebSphere ESB
Duration: The duration of this seminar is 3 Days from 9:30 to 14:30