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Description: Introduction to object-oriented programming and JAVA
Audience: System analysts and procedural programmers who want to develop in JAVA
Prerequisites: Experience with procedural programming
Material covered:
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming and comparison with procedural methodologies
  • Introduction to JAVA
  • Instroduction to the object-oriented nature of JAVA and its advantages
  • Rational Unified Process
  • Application development through iterative process in contrast to traditional models like waterfall
  • Java Syntax (Primitive types, object variables, Data types, Operators, Control and flow statements)
  • Java Applications (Classes and methods, Constructors and how to instantiate objects, How to send messages to an object, Inheritance and containment, Abstract classes, Interfaces, Class-level (static) members, Packages)
  • Simple I/O and basic Exception handling
Duration: The duration of this seminar is 5 Days from 9:30 to 14:30